King Kanja releases ‘Vibrations’ – new reggae album

Afrika Loud!

Multi–talented US based Kenyan artist King Kanja has released a new reggae album “Vibrations”, just three months after his critically acclaimed debut album “Vibe Lord”. Read about it here! The album’s lead single “Different Vibrations” features Nyanda from the top charting Jamaican group Brick n Lace.

Speaking about the newly released album, Kanja says, “This album is me sharing my vibrations through love and light into the world with reggae music! I am ecstatic to share with my fans, hope you feel the positive energy and vibes.”

He adds on his Kenyan roots, “The depth of who I am is Kenya, its only right I share the light from where it all started, AFRICA,” reminiscing, “Over the years I’ve done Hip-hop, R&B, Afrobeat, POP, EDM and now at this point in my life I’ve reached a certain level of consciousness where the depth of what I feel & see can only be shared through reggae music.”

Executively produced by Real “Gilly” Mckoy and King Kanja himself, the singles contained include “Different Vibration”, “Keep It Real”, “Best Things in Life”, “What’s It Gonna Be”, “What She Likes”, “Look At Me”, “Angel Eyes”, “Dangerous”, “Rasta Man” and “Forever”.

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